Essence: a 4k storm tim-lapse film by Caled Eliott

Essence: 4K storm timelapse

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Essence: 4K storm timelapse



Title : Essence: 4K storm timelapse
Author : Caleb Elliott
Website's author :
Description :
Essence: 4K storm timelapse stock footage

The 2017 storm chasing season was a fairly tough one, in terms of number of good photogenic tornadoes and severe weather outbreaks. However, the skies were still alive and full of magnificent storm clouds and awesome lightning storms. Isn't this what drives us to get out there and drive for thousands of miles each year? To bear witness to and capture the essence of these extreme and awe-inspiring moments in nature? Somehow, this essence provides an overwhelming peacefulness in those chaotic skies and leaves me at a loss for words.

Essence highlights the spectacular storms and weather of the 2017 tornado season and portrays the beauty of storm clouds. Do yourself a favor and watch in 4K.

4K Timescapes shot by Caleb Elliott (
Acquisition format: 4000x2160 and 6000x4000 / 24 and 30p / ProRes 422 and RAW
Output format: 1920x1080 / 24p / h264 / mp4
Music: "Kites in the Sky" by TomasZemler
Licensing available in Cine 4K, Ultra HD and Full HD.
Some clips available in 6K Ultra HD.
Duration: 3m13s

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