Seven days in Vanuatu-A timelapse film by Matthew Vandeputte

Seven days in Vanuatu // A timelapse film

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2 July 2016
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2 July 2016
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Seven days in Vanuatu // A timelapse film

Title : Seven days in Vanuatu // A timelapse film
Author : Matthew Vandeputte
Website's author :
Description :I recently spent 7 days in Vanuatu; experiencing and shooting this volcanic island nation 3 hours east of Australia. After a year of rebuilding post-cyclone Pam the islands are now ready to accept tourists again. This magical place has left an enormous impression on me and I seriously can't wait to go back. I really hope you enjoy this edit I made. If you're interested, you can check out the making of and behind the scenes videos here:

S T A T S & G E A R
31984 RAW photos totalling 1178GB of footage shot on two Canon 5DMkIII cameras. Lenses: 24f1.4 - 24-70f4 - 70-200f4 - 11-16f2.8
Edited on a Macbook Pro with external Sandisk SSD storage. Software used: Adobe Lightroom/After Effects, LRTimelapse, FCPX.
Created for Vanuatu Tourism
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-- Frequently Asked Questions --
What do you do for a living?
- I am a commercial timelapse photographer. This means people or brands hire me to produce timelapse or hyperlapse footage. Past clients have been Microsoft, Tourism Dubai, Canon Australia etc.
What's with the vlogs?
- I was inspired to start vlogging by the vlogging greats such as Casey, Ben, Louis etc. I figured it's a fun challenge and a great way to grow my channel. I love seeing the behind the scenes of the industry and I hope you enjoy mine!
Where do you live and where are you from?
- I live in Sydney, Australia. I moved here from Antwerp, Belgium in 2013 in the pursuit of love and adventure! Ja, ik spreek nederlands.
What gear do you use?
- I use a lot of Canon cameras, mainly the 5DSR and 5D3 with a ton of lenses. Check out my gear playlist for more (
Are you sponsored by Canon?
- Nope. I just have a great relationship with them and they get me to do the occasional timelapse video for them.

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